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Age Concern Pty. Ltd., established in 1986, is one of Australia's oldest private education and training organisations in aged care and is a Registered Training Organisation.

Prue Mellor, the Managing Director is a registered nurse with a M(Geront), MN(NPrac), MACN.  Her experience includes positions such as:

    • consultant - introducing person centred care practices to organisations
    • consultant on contemporary dementia care and behaviour management
    • care planning and documentation processes adviser to organisations
    • liaison/assessment nurse for Psycho-geriatric Services in Victoria
    • consultant to a psycho-geriatric hospital in The Netherlands
    • educator/consultant to a culturally specific aged care services
    • health adviser on a Trade Mission to Brunei, and
    • witness to the House of Representatives, Inquiry into Indigenous Health

All our program facilitators are experts in their field and  include internationally recognised speakers such as the late Margo McCaffrey, Dr Geri Hall, Professor David Ames and Professor Rhonda Nay.

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    by Age Concern Administrator - Friday, 20 January 2017, 10:50 AM

    As requested, we begin this year with a series of webinars on assessment for person centred care planning.

    Why?  Because the ACFI documents state the tools provided for funding may not be adequate for care, and generally that is correct.  This leaves nurses and organisations at risk, even if ...

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    Dementia programs for nurses.
    by Age Concern Administrator - Tuesday, 6 January 2015, 1:46 PM

    Welcome to 2016.

    We commence the year with dementia programs for registered and enrolled nurses, including all the care changes for FTLD from 2015.

    There is a greater emphasis on person centred care planning,meaning a change in some documentation practices!